Hi, I’m The Jitter Bug. I’m here to share with you my ongoing journey to find better, more effective ways to manage mental illness. Battling the ups and downs of Chronic Complex-PTSD, Severe Anxiety, Depression, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for more than 30 years has caused immense physical and emotional trauma.

Are you struggling too?  I’ll reveal the approaches I’ve tried, the methods  that helped and the paths that failed. My story is not just about how I got here, but how I’m learning to “be” here, in the moment, and let the future unfold in a healthy way.

While navigating this emotional voyage, I’ve encountered love, support, and tenderness from family and friends as well as avoidance, embarrassment, neglect and shame; a litany of reactions from those who care and buoy me up to those who cannot let go of stigmas and ultimately derail the healing process.

This blog will not only have stories about my battle with mental health but other creative writing shorts or thoughtful  musings about everyday experiences that I have as a human being; struggling, living, questioning, wonderment, happiness and all the other things we share in being a person on planet earth.

Why am I a Bug?

How did The Jitter Bug come to exist? After I was born, wrapped in a snuggly blanket, and handed over to a proud new father, the maternity nurse remarked, “she looks snug as a bug in a rug.” The nickname stuck and Dad has called me Bug ever since. It serves me well, as I’m small, I love nature and when I get the “bug” for a creative venture, I go at it 100%! I always aim to fly!

The “Jitter” is my Chronic Complex-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD and continuous battle with emotional health.  After all, mental illness is a kind of bug; like a sickness, an unbalance in the brain, a pain in your heart and a psychological malady. Some people “catch” it, others are born with it and sometimes it’s a combination of both.

Despite my jittery disposition, I remain passionate about striving to choose better in all aspects of life. My search for simplicity and calm has lead me to the gateways of health, minimalism, travel, finance, creativity and my biggest passion…writing. The best version of me is still out there and I won’t stop looking. I may be a jitter bug but my wings aren’t broken.

I invite you to join the discussion, the search, the quest for healing. We will continue the pursuit for a better, less anxious life.

Enjoy this blog, my thoughts, my stories and be inspired to know that you are NOT alone.

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